Aluminum Letters
Made to order.

  • made from AlSi12
  • full corrosion resistance
  • anodizied and powder coated

  • several fonts and letter sizes

We produce thomb stone letters from aluminum alloy AlSi12.

All our letters and symbols are anodised and powder coated to make them fully corrosion proof and last a long time. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes to design your aluminum letters.

Use our online shop configurator to order yours!


Finished Aluminum is beautiful and fits in with any style. Are letters are specially designed and moulded and then painted in a wide variety of colors.

Aluminum is a lightweight metal with crisp cut edges. It is extremely durable with great longevity.


Letter sizing and design is complicated. In most variations, different letters have different heights, especially lowercase letters. We size everything proportionally so that each letter is designed inside the same boudry box, which makes it really simple to combine letters in words through configurator

Try out our configurator and online shop.

Our letter configurator enables you to design all your typography, select color and sizes and order your letters. Once you are through with your order, you also receive our letter CNC drilling diagram and hole drilling data table.